Wednesday, September 17, 2008

August 15, 2008- Masterpiece, AYS, Shape of Screw

We got to the venue after something like a 7 hour trip, even though it was only supposed to take 3 hours. I walked alone for a bit and then chilled downstairs in the venue. When I came up again I saw my friend Dominic, who I met in Canada. After eating some amazing food provided by the promoter me, Pat, Franca and Dominic walked to a castle but it was closed, so we got ice cream instead. When we got back to the venue we chilled for a bit. The first band went on and they were a punk band, they were really good. AYS was second but I missed most of the set because I was outside talking to a "swiss miss". Our set was fun, kind of sloppy but we had a big reaction. We ended the set with Leeway. We ended up selling a ton of merch too. The tour package was paid 700 Franks which is pretty much $680 USD, pretty crazy. After the show we went to some kebab shop and the promoter bought everyone food. Some weird/old/drunk lady kept rubbing Wade's shoulders and then touched his dick and freaked him out. She ended up giving him a kiss on the cheek after everyone in the shop was yelling, "KISS! KISS! KISS!". That lady was gross. After that we went to the place we were spending the night at some rehearsal space an awesome skate ramp in it. Awesome show.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

August 14, 2008- AYS, Masterpiece, Reaching Hand, Unknown, Brainwash

We got to this show about an hour early and the feeding frenzy went down. I like how we show up to the venue and head straight for the food. This show was really weird and the crowd was bizarre. There were a ton of girls with fan club shirts of some dude in one of the local bands, 15 year old kids drinking beer, dudes who looked like vampires, and just all sorts of randos. I even saw one of the vampires who was wearing a mesh shirt and corset pay with a check to get into the show. The first band was Brainwash and they were a punk band of kids, they played for 45 minutes. The second band was a death metal band and they kept using a fog machine. The drummer played like he never used a drum set before. Pretty sure they played for an hour. Reaching Hand was up and their set ruled. 2 GB covers and a Floorpunch cover. We played and our set was pretty wild. We pretty much played the most violent set ever. Moshing with guitars, attacking the crowd, stealing hats. We played on the floor and kids got on the stage and built a human pyramid so I threw the mic at them. Jonas and Nichlas attacked them too. The kids on the bottom looked scared as shit. During another song they did the rowboat thing on stage so I got up there and headwalked them as they were doing it. AYS's set was sweet. We just kept dumping bottles of water on the floor and sliding around on it.

After the show we went to the promoter's parents' house and crashed. In the morning we made breakfast, harassed the geese in his backyard and listened to shitty CDs like Slipknot (or as it said on the CD, SLOPKOT).

August 12, 2008- MP, AYS, ABTM

A 5 hour drive turned into ten and a half and it was horrible, super hot and boring, that means Pat started getting fucked with. We got to the venue after one and a half hours of street traffic and we saw ABTM. AYS was next and they obviously ruled. We played a shitty set and Pat broke a bass string. The place was tiny and water kept getting thrown around and everyone kept sliding back and forth.There were two Russian chicks there who took a ton of photos of us and were super excited to be seeing bands. They were bummed when we didn't go to the sea with them, but it started pouring out anyway. Back to Nab's house to sleep.

Friday, September 12, 2008

August 11, 2008- AYS, MP, ABTM

Same line up, different day. The place we played was underground and really small. It looked like some shit out of the movie Blade. ABTM sounded good at this show and ended the set with a Floorpunch cover sung by Pfelicks. We played next and it was a solid set. We covered Leeway but no one knew it. At some point AYS dudes picked me up and crowd surfed me, my head knocked down a disco ball. When AYS played we kept throwing confetti everywhere. Fun show, cool city.

August 10- Masterpiece, AYS, A Bridge To Many

Another long drive through France but we got to Spain about 30 min. too late. It was ok though because the promoter got there at the same time. We were all starving and took a walk through the townto find food but it was a let down. We ate at some gyro place then went back to the venue. It was a dump and smelled like shit. There were a few people there though. ABTM opened and played a decent set. Pretty much the same as the night before. AYS played second but I was outside for most of it due to the stale air inside the place. We headlined and it was a pretty good set. No real fuck ups and we cut it a few songs short. It was definitely a much needed release of frustration.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

August 9, 2008- AYS, Masterpiece, A Bridge To Many, Knock On Effect, Golden District

We got to the venue a little early and were greeted by a dude with a soulfy tattoo and dreads. We walked around for a bit and looked at shit like tourists do. Wade got McDonalds but I figured I'd wait until the promoter fed us. bad move. After walking around a 1600 year old church we went back and the food was almost done. They gave us rice salad which consisted of rice, lettuce, bell peppers, corn and tuna. It was horrible, but then they brought out pasta, too bad there was no sauce. I found out something new when everyone started putting ketchup on that shit, so gross. They had places for us to stay at the venue and we were hanging out there, climbing out onto the balcony and acting like fools. At one point Nichlas decided it would be a good idea to spill a little beer on me. So I ran upstairs and choked him out.

Golden District played first and their set was cool. There was a lot of weird moshing going on. Kids building human pyramids and shit. They covered guns up! again. Knock on Effect was next and I didn't watch them but instead went outside and had Germans teach me fucked up shit to say. Then they tried to convince a chick to make out with me. Some pirate looking dude kept coming around and weirding us out. ABTM was next and were ok. They covered American Nightmare and Carry On. We played next and it was a decent set. Acouple fuck ups but Joe is still getting it. At one point the germans made some row boat thing on the ground by sitting down and hooking legs and pretending to row, so I jumped on them from the stage. AYS played last and were awesome. After the show we went upstairs to the sleeping area and all sorts of funny stuff went down. Jonas, with the help of others, put his asshole on Nichlas' face. Nichlas was bummed. Then some drunk chicks came in and we just kept yelling shit at them. One of them flipped out and kept yelling, "My Pussy, Your Dick!" and humping the air. Pat got scared and hid under his sleeping bag. I slept on a bed that I broke by suplexing Pfelicks through it. The show was ok, but it would have been better if it started earlier than 10pm.

August 8, 2008- Masterpiece, AYS, Golden District, Get Lost

We drove for like 13 hours and got to Nantes, France but they were having trouble finding the venue. We pretty much drove through every street. I was sitting by the sliding door and kept opening it up and yelling at french people. At one point we threw water and nuts at the other van. Gummi (AYS) spit at me at one point so when we got to the venue I chased him with potatoe salad. The venue was pretty cool, it was a bar that could hold about 300 people. Another show with a solid crowd. We went to the backstage room and ate some pizza and shit then shot the fire extinguisher down the stairs. The first band was ok, I was mostly trying to get some food so I missed part of their set. I saw them cover Stop and Think though. Golden District was next and they were really awesome live. My friend Vince sings for them and I know him from back in the USA. AYS played another awesome set and there was some moshing. We played last and had another awesome reaction. Notable moshers were a 47 year old guy who ruled, and some guy who looked like Todd Jones from the future. At the end of our set kids were going nuts for us to play more. We didn't know any more so they were booing us. We sold a bunch of merch so that ruled. I can't believe the reaction we have been getting and it has only been for 2 shows.