Wednesday, September 17, 2008

August 15, 2008- Masterpiece, AYS, Shape of Screw

We got to the venue after something like a 7 hour trip, even though it was only supposed to take 3 hours. I walked alone for a bit and then chilled downstairs in the venue. When I came up again I saw my friend Dominic, who I met in Canada. After eating some amazing food provided by the promoter me, Pat, Franca and Dominic walked to a castle but it was closed, so we got ice cream instead. When we got back to the venue we chilled for a bit. The first band went on and they were a punk band, they were really good. AYS was second but I missed most of the set because I was outside talking to a "swiss miss". Our set was fun, kind of sloppy but we had a big reaction. We ended the set with Leeway. We ended up selling a ton of merch too. The tour package was paid 700 Franks which is pretty much $680 USD, pretty crazy. After the show we went to some kebab shop and the promoter bought everyone food. Some weird/old/drunk lady kept rubbing Wade's shoulders and then touched his dick and freaked him out. She ended up giving him a kiss on the cheek after everyone in the shop was yelling, "KISS! KISS! KISS!". That lady was gross. After that we went to the place we were spending the night at some rehearsal space an awesome skate ramp in it. Awesome show.

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